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Purchase conditions


The income from the sale of the gingerbread house template goes to the Norwegian Refugee Council's work. The funds are used where there is the greatest need at any given time.

We provide life-saving help such as clean water, food and a roof over your head. We also run large refugee camps, set up sanitation systems to prevent epidemics and provide schooling for children on the run. Young people get to learn a craft so that they can get a job and fend for themselves. We also provide free legal aid and information to people on the run. We will help people to survive, but also provide support so that they can build a new future for themselves.

Well over 90 percent of our total income goes directly to the cause. Your contribution will appear!


The price for the gingerbread house template is NOK 250, whether you order the physical booklet in the post or the digital booklet which you can print yourself. The total price of the purchase is displayed before you pay. Shipping and delivery costs are additional. The price for shipping and delivery is NOK 59.


You can pay with debit card, credit card, Vipps and Apple Pay. If you pay by card, card details will be shared with our payment provider and card acquirer, Nets. This information is only used to make payments.

If you have problems with payment, please contact us by e-mail:

You will receive a receipt for the purchase to the email address you provide.


When you buy the gingerbread house template, the proceeds go to the Norwegian Refugee Council's work, and the purchase can be considered a donation.

Cash donations to the Norwegian Refugee Council give the right to a deduction in taxable income. In 2023, you can get a tax deduction for gifts with a total value of at least NOK 500. The maximum amount for deduction is set at NOK 25,000.

In order for us to be able to report your paid-in annual amount to the tax authorities, we need your national identification number (11 digits). If you wish to have your donation in connection with the purchase of a gingerbread house registered as part of the annual amount paid to the Norwegian Refugee Council, you must contact the Norwegian Refugee Council's donor service on telephone: +47 800 33 503.

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