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Winter package

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It hurts to freeze - give a gift that warms.

Several of the countries the Norwegian Refugee Council works in, such as Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine and Iraq, have winter weather that Norwegians will recognize. Many families on the move have to spend the winter in tents, in barracks made of thin tin plates, or in houses without heating. When winter sets in with freezing temperatures, snow and freezing winds, it is vital that people on the run get help to keep warm.

The Norwegian Refugee Council distributes warm winter clothes and blankets that protect children and adults from the cold. When you give a gift with meaning, you ensure that a family on the run does not have to freeze. This makes everyday life a little better for those who are having a hard time, and in some cases it also saves lives.

By giving a meaningful gift worth NOK 600, you help a whole family stay warm through the winter.

The gift packages are examples of the Norwegian Refugee Council's work. We use the funds that come in where there is the greatest need at any given time.

Today, a record 108 million people are fleeing war and persecution.

Not since World War II have more people needed our help. The Norwegian Refugee Council helped almost 10 million people worldwide in 2022, and with your support we can help even more.

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