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Clean water

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No one can do without – help provide people on the run with clean water.

Humans cannot live without clean water. When many people have to flee at the same time, the demand often becomes too great for the local water systems. It is critical to ensure clean water as soon as possible. The lack of drinking water, washing water and toilets can mean the spread of disease - and in the worst case, death. Your gift of meaning can prevent water shortages and make life safer for people forced to flee.

The Norwegian Refugee Council works to ensure that all people on the run have access to clean water. This is a basic human right, and it saves lives.

In 2021, we helped more than 4.5 million people through our work for clean water. One of the most important measures we take is to build and maintain wells, so that villagers do not have to walk for several hours in search of water. In addition, we take measures such as:

  • Have emergency stores of drinking water
  • Helping families keep their drinking water safe
  • Build toilets in public areas, schools and in homes
  • Distribute important hygiene items
  • Manage and recycle rubbish

By giving a gift of NOK 300, you can prevent the spread of diseases and help people on the run get clean water to drink.

The gift packages are examples of the Norwegian Refugee Council's work. We use the funds that come in where there is the greatest need at any given time.

Today, a record 108 million people are fleeing war and persecution.

Not since World War II have more people needed our help. The Norwegian Refugee Council helped almost 10 million people worldwide in 2022, and with your support we can help even more.

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