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Proof of identity

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Identity proof is more than papers – it is access to basic rights and protection.

A lot is lost when you have to flee, identity papers are no exception. Some do not manage to take them with them, others find that the papers disappear on the road. Sometimes people also have to destroy their identity documents to avoid being imprisoned, persecuted or even killed. Without such documents, many are without natural rights in the places they flee to. By giving a gift with meaning, you help ensure that those who have to flee their homes get the help they need.

The Norwegian Refugee Council offers free legal aid for people on the run, including by ensuring that they get new identity documents. This ensures that they can register as refugees, and that they can thus receive the protection they are entitled to. Identity proof also gives access to shelter, health care, schooling, participation in working life and other rights we often take for granted.

By giving a meaningful gift of NOK 450, you are helping families on the move to obtain the papers they need to get help.

The gift packages are examples of the Norwegian Refugee Council's work. We use the funds that come in where there is the greatest need at any given time.

Today, a record 108 million people are fleeing war and persecution.

Not since World War II have more people needed our help. The Norwegian Refugee Council helped almost 10 million people worldwide in 2022, and with your support we can help even more.

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