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Founder's package

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After several years on the run, many need help to start anew. Owning your own business can mean a more secure future.

When the bombs fall, many people find that they are no longer tailors, carpenters, merchants or computer technicians – they are people on the run. Even if the war ends, this does not mean that the challenges are over. It is difficult to start over after living on the run for years, and many cannot afford to buy the necessary equipment needed to revive their business, others have dropped out of the school system and lack vocational training. By giving a meaningful gift, you can ensure that displaced people have the opportunity to make a living.

The Norwegian Refugee Council provides advice, courses, networking and small investments, so that people can support themselves. We support the start-up of new businesses and create long-term and sustainable solutions for people on the run. The support entrepreneurs receive also has ripple effects in the local community. New businesses lead to more trade, employment and value creation in war-torn countries.

By giving a start-up package worth NOK 1,000, you help people on the run get a new start in life.

The gift packages are examples of the Norwegian Refugee Council's work. We use the funds that come in where there is the greatest need at any given time.

Today, a record 108 million people are fleeing war and persecution.

Not since World War II have more people needed our help. The Norwegian Refugee Council helped almost 10 million people worldwide in 2022, and with your support we can help even more.

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