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Gingerbread house, designed by Snøhetta

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Drawn by Snøhetta  

This gingerbread house is something completely out of the ordinary. When you bake it, you help more people on the run get a home. The house was designed by the architectural office Snøhetta, who also made this booklet with instructions and templates that you can cut out.

When purchasing this gingerbread house template, you can choose whether you want to be sent a physical booklet in the post or whether you want the template immediately sent in a printable version by e-mail.

This is what the architects say about the idea behind this year's gingerbread house: 

- We have emphasized giving the gingerbread house a fun and slightly non-traditional shape. It has a double-height room with a large and generous ceiling surface that can be decorated and populated. The front facade has perforated surfaces that can reflect the light in an atmospheric way. Outside, you can make a small gingerbread forest with gingerbread trees. 

- We hope the gingerbread house will find a nice place in your home. Maybe you could put a small electric light inside the house? Then the gingerbread house can shine in the dark and remind us that all we really want is a peaceful world. 

The income from the sale of the gingerbread house template goes to support people on the run. Thank you for helping to #giethjem this Christmas!

To build the gingerbread house, you will need the following:  

  • 1 kg gingerbread dough 
  • Baking paper  
  • Scissors or wallpaper knife 
  • Gingerbread glue or sugar that is heated until brittle
  • What you want to decorate with  


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