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Protection for girls

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Refugee girls are a vulnerable group in need of protection. No one should have to live in fear.

Today, over 100 million people are displaced. About half of these are girls and women. For girls, it is extra difficult to gain access to education. Many risk being exposed to violence, human trafficking and recruitment into armed groups. When you give a gift with meaning, you help us create security for girls.

The Norwegian Refugee Council has committed itself to taking women's needs into account in our work. Here are some of the measures we take to protect girls on the run:

  • We ensure that more girls on the run get a school place. The school must function as a safe arena, and provide knowledge and skills for the future.
  • We build sanitary facilities suitable for girls. This makes them less vulnerable to abuse, creates better health and ensures dignity – We help women obtain the necessary documents, so that they can get their property back when they can return home.

By giving a meaningful gift of NOK 300, you are helping girls on the run get the protection they need.

The gift packages are examples of the Norwegian Refugee Council's work. We use the funds that come in where there is the greatest need at any given time.

Today, a record 108 million people are fleeing war and persecution.

Not since World War II have more people needed our help. The Norwegian Refugee Council helped almost 10 million people worldwide in 2022, and with your support we can help even more.

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